Vision Statement

Cubby 2016

The ultimate vision we have for our centre is to provide a safe, friendly, secure and nurturing homely environment in both the present and the future.

Our centre enhances the lives of each individual child and promotes the interests of families through the provision of quality, diverse childcare that celebrates the diversity of our children, our family and our community.

Our centre will foster a positive relationship with families and share the important role of caring for and educating their children.  We are a small family grouping centre with 19 children per day and 4 educators. We give priority to ANU staff and students.

For the present, our centre aims for parents to feel good about their childcare choice, and that their child is safe, engaged, educated and smiling. And for the future, we strive for the children in our care to look back at their experience with us, and see it as a cherished part of their childhood.

Our Philosophy

Cubby 2016

Our centre philosophy reflects our value and beliefs. At Cubby we value the importance of each individual child and their family. We aim to provide a homely environment and provide each child with a trusting, secure and safe relationship within the centre. We offer an abundance of opportunities for self-discovery, supporting children’s individual needs, interests and abilities. We believe all children have the right to be treated equally and with respect, regardless of race, language, ability or gender.

Our philosophy is:

  • To honour and respect the right of children to be treated as a young person worthy of the utmost respect and recognition.
  • To provide care to the child that is sensitive to the needs of the families of diverse cultural backgrounds and family structures.
  • To work in partnership with families to ensure the best outcome for each individual child.
  • To provide an education that supports each individual child’s ability to learn and develop.
  • To facilitate daily routines such as eating, dressing and toileting through a stimulating and supportive environment.
  • To understand that children learn through play, interests and meaningful interactions with others.
  • To recognize the high value of staff and have a commitment to providing a professional service.
  • To be responsive to the needs of the community and abide by the relevant laws and policies that relate to the provision of quality of childcare.
  • To believe all children are active learners, creating and building knowledge, learning, self-image, confidence and independence through their daily experiences and by nurturing in each child a positive approach to themselves, sense of responsibility, self-discipline and self-esteem.
  • To provide children with experiences and activities that promote the development of Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills, Cognitive Stimulation, Language, Social and Emotional and Creative Development. At Cubby we offer a flexible routine to cater for children’s needs and interests allowing time for exploring, discovery and imaginary play.
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